From a Dark Place..

It’s staring at me

right in the face

and I only see it

the world doesn’t exist.


It’s slowly advancing

I can see it coming

I turn my head around

looking for anyone for help.


Where is everyone?

Can’t anyone see what’s happening?

I silently shout

Can’t anyone see it’s coming?


I look for a kind face

I look for reassuring hands

I listen for sweet words

I yearn for a lovely heart.


Yet I see nothing

Only the abyss I’m in

and it’s upon me

breathing down my neck.


I feel it pushing me

into ink black waters

I can hardly breathe

My head is hurting.


I can only think

Right before I drown

It’s going to be okay

It’s alright

It’s fine






Thanks for reading! Comment on what you think this poem is referring to:)…


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