Acting Game

When was the last time you replied to “How are you?” honestly?

Most of the time the replies include : “I’m fine” , ” I’m doing great” etc.If you are saying what you really mean and you are actually doing well , good for you !

But in most cases we are right out bluffing.How many times have we said we are fine but deep inside we are breaking?..deep inside we are hurt , depressed and far from fine?

We might reveal the truth to our dearest ones but to a distant cousin or an acquaintance? We lie.

Why do we do that? Why do we act?

We act to impress others.We act to seem normal.We act to make ourselves feel normal.We act not to hurt others.We act to be relevant.(mostly on social media).

When does this stop?When are we allowed to be ourselves?Isn’t honesty better?

The thing is acting is much easier.Who would want to reveal their misery and burden others and be a nuisance right?  But isn’t that deceit at some level?

This has become such a normal thing in our lives that we don’t even realize we are doing what we are doing.

We don’t have to do this.We don’t have to be someone else in front of others.We don’t have to live a lie.

So what we can do is put a stop to this…and try to actually become who we are acting to be.

Trying to actually be happy , positive and kind.It’s far from easy and there will be days we choose the easy way out. But we are trying.

Because we can’t pretend to be someone else in our deathbeds.

Because we can’t lose ourselves in this acting game…



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